CT teen survives shark attack

CT teen survives shark attack

CAPE TOWN – The father of a 19-year-old boy who was bitten by a shark just off Die Plaat beach in the De Kelders area in the Cape says his son is very lucky to have survived.

Thomas Browne is recovering in hospital after being bitten by while surfing on Monday.

Browne’s father Jeremy explained what happened.

“They went into the water and the shark bit him from behind. He was bitten on his left eye but he’s fine. He went into surgery and is now recovering in hospital. He’s obviously very fortunate it wasn’t anything more serious.”



Please guys I am the father of Thomas Browne , its his thigh and not his eye. Article does not make sense. He is still in hospital and from the doctors who preformed the surgery , the bite was only 1cm from major arteries. We are just so grateful he managed to survive this encounter.


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