Chinese authorities fight against fake shark fins

Guangdong to reward whistle-blowers for fake shark fin

By Li Wenfang in Guangzhou (

Whistle-blowers offering tips concerning fake or substandard shark fins in Guangdong province will be rewarded 300 yuan ($48) to 300,000 yuan.

The reward is part of a month-long campaign launched by Guangdong government against the production, sale and use of fake and substandard shark fins, according to the provincial food safety commission’s statement released on Tuesday.

Earlier media reports said that most shark fins sold in Zhejiang province are fake, and the fake shark fin samples that Zhejiang food inspectors have found were reportedly from Guangdong province.

The inspectors also found that some shark fins sold in the market are processed with poisonous chemicals.


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  1. Angel

    This is good step. Please check all the fins, test them and make sure that they are from actual living sharks. The rare and endangered the shark is the better and more expensive the fins are.Please make sure that no one gets cheap fins or faulty ones. Everyone gets the best of the shark fins.

    • Mark

      Angel I’m currently making 100 million fake shark fins in my basement to send to china so they won’t need the real ones. I hope these people are eating flippers in their damn soup!!  It’s so hard not to get pissed but I try to rationalize it for the sake of some sort of positive dialogue moving forward but what the hell to they need to kill millions of sharks for hokie pokie medicine is beyond me. 

  2. Angel

    Actually it is a very good idea to fake the shark fins and put it in supply chain. That can make things very complicated… This may be the easiest and the fastest way to fight the shark fin trade…
    Great idea Mark, really great..

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