Butchered Basking Shark Seized in Italy


The video was uploaded by ‘ Corpo forestale dello Stato ‘ on 07. October 2013.

Staff of the Italian State Forestry Corps ( CFS, Corpo forestale dello Stato ) and the Maritime Fisheries Directorate have seized 680 kg of basking shark Cetorhinus maximus meat that was almost ready to be placed on the market in an illegal manner. The product was labeled under the name “sevengill shark” Heptranchias perlo ( name given by Italian source: Squalo Manzo ). The seizure took place at the Centro Agroalimentare di Guidonia Montecelio, located in Rome. Now the retailer and company that caught the specimen may face charges for commercial fraud and the illegal trade of a protected species.

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  1. Sad to hear of the sharks demise but well done for the authorities. We may well have seen this shark in Scotland as they transit thousands of miles of ocean. 

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