BC Dogfish Fishery Announces MSC Self-Suspension

MSC logo_dogfishNotice of Self-Suspension

British Columbia Dogfish Hook & Line lndustry Association


October 8, 2013

To whom it may concern:

The B.C. Dogfish Hook and Line lndustry Association announces a ‘self-suspension’ of MSC fishery certificates (2) for the B. C. Hook and Line Spiny Dogfish (Squalus suckleyi) (also known as Squalus acanthias) fishery, effective from September 10, 2013, until further notice. This includes the lnside Stock (Strait of Georgia – Area 4B) and the Outside Migratory Stock (Areas 3C, 3D, 5ABCD and 5E) Units of Certification, Certificate Codes F-SCS-0086 and F-SCS-0087, respectively. This ‘self-suspension’ is requested by the fishery client as an alternative to full voluntary withdrawal of the fishery from the MSC program.

Since the spring of 2013 few dogfish have been landed by the hook and line groundfish fleet, and no B.C. companies have processed dogfish from this same fleet. We recognize and acknowledge that if any fish are harvested from the fishery after this date and time they cannot be sold as ‘MSC certified,’ a claim made to this effect, or products carry the MSC ecolabel until the ‘self-suspension’ is lifted.

We recognize the surveillance schedule for the fishery is now in hiatus until further instruction is shared by the fishery client. lf the fishery decides to re-engage in the MSC program during this period of ‘self-suspension,’ and it is within the time frame of the five (5) year valid fishery certificate (through 8 September 2016), then whoever assumes the certificate should contact the certifier of record. At that time the fishery would need to initiate an expedited surveillance audit (as per CR 27.22 in the MSC requirements), with the normal opportunities for stakeholder inputs, before this ‘self-suspension’ could be lifted.


Michael Renwick, Executive Director

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  1. Is there any more recent follow-up as to where the dogfish population now reside and are they being fished in compliance with MSC standards

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