BBC News – Brazil fishermen paid to catch sharks after deadly attacks

Video uploaded by crashaccidentcar on 08. February 2013.

After a spate of deadly shark attacks off the coast of Recife in north-eastern Brazil, locals are paying fishermen to catch and kill sharks.

It is thought environmental changes, such as the construction of a port near the city, have affected the sharks’ hunting habits.

The authorities have announced plans to install shark nets in October, but people say they want to feel safe in the water immediately.

Beth McLeod reports ( published on 8 February 2013 ).



  1. Angel

    It is the great ignorance and arrgonce of people expecting catching some local sharks will prevent attacks by fishing a few of them out of the sea. We bulid ports, houses and night clubs where these animals used to live and breed for thousands of years. Now we want to swim and surf around those waters. The sharks are still there, more agressive then ever and looking to adjust the new landscape, trying to find new breeding grounds. We invaded thier terratory and now want to kill them because the sharks want and try to survive the change…
    Nothing new in Brazil… They terminated half of the rain forest, now they are killing the sharks…What is the differance between the Chinese and the Brazillian ?
    We call the chinese wild and uncaring for nature… What should we call the Brazillian ?

    • Bruno


      Try to get informed before talk s*it about Brazilians. You do not know anything about the Brazilians. This is a tiny group of stupid people trying to get attention. I do not have the right to talk like this.
      I do not know you nationality, but If you are north american try to remember (or search on Google) about the Kyoto protocol. The great USA refused to sign because they are the most polluter of the world.
      Before look to the brazilians like barbarians try to study about the culture.

  2. Jack Trevally

    Angel, that assessment is spot-on! I agree completely.

    It isn’t the sharks fault that a port was built by humans in their pupping grounds. People who wish to swim should do so elsewhere. Shark nets are indiscriminate and kill many forms of wildlife, not just sharks. And in areas where shark nets have been tried, such as South Africa, 30% or more of sharks caught, were caught on the inside of the net. They aren’t a barrier against sharks. They are designed to kill. It is a tragedy in motion. Killing sharks, whether by pole and line, shark net, finning or other method is barbaric and must end.

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