Attack by a Cookiecutter Shark on a White Shark


Observation of an Attack by a Cookiecutter Shark (Isistius brasiliensis) on a White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias)

Mauricio Hoyos-Padilla, Yannis P. Papastamatiou, John O’Sullivan and Christopher G. Lowe


Cookiecutter sharks (Isistius brasiliensis) are known to attack a wide array of large animals including pelagic fishes, cetaceans, and pinnipeds. Here we add another top predator, the white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), to the list of potential victims. A subadult male white shark off Guadelupe Island, Mexico, was observed with a fresh cookiecutter shark bite next to its mouth, as well as a second crescent-shaped scar. A subadult male white shark was tracked in the same location and showed diel changes in depth, with the shark occupying shallow water (<50 m) at night, which may be when white sharks overlap with the vertical distribution of cookiecutter sharks. This further indicates that the majority of co-occurring marine top predators can be targeted by cookiecutter sharks.

Pacific Science 67(1):129-134. 2013


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  1. Angel

    This is very interesting. Very nice paper, thank you for posting.
    This is the GWS capital of the wolrd for diving to take pictures. Clear view and waters.
    A small cookiecutter shark attacking a Great White, at least 10 times the size of himself. That is something to watch forever..

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