200kg Stingray Seized By Tasmania Police

Media Release

Tasmania Police

Friday, 19 April 2013 – 5:20pm

Illegal Shark Fishing

On the 6th of April, police from the Northern Marine Services, seized a 200kg Stingray which had been caught in York Cove, George Town.  The Stingray measured almost two meters in diameter. 

The Tamar River is a designated Shark Refuge Area, south of a line from Low Head to West Head.  No Shark, Skate or Stingray of any kind (with the exception of Elephantfish) may be caught in this and other Shark Refuge areas around the State.

The Stingray was been identified as being of the species Dasyatis brevicaudata, commonly known as a Smooth Ray.  The Stingray was female and still of breeding age and was well known to local residents.  It had been given the name “Big Ben” or “Stumpy” due to the fact that it had no tail.  It was often sighted by locals at Low Head and York Cove and fishermen often fed it scraps.

Over the past month three persons have been issued Fisheries Infringement Notices in George Town for catching or attempting to catch shark in the Tamar River.

Police ask that all fishermen be aware that catching or attempting to catch Shark, Stingray or Skate in the Tamar River is prohibited.  If caught, fishermen can not only be fined, but also have their fishing gear seized.

Anyone member of the public who has information relating to any illegal fishing activity is asked to contact either Fishwatch on 0427 655 557 or their local police station on 131 444.

Source: Tasmania Police



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