Tuna processors put shark finning ban in writing

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International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)

Companies that Prohibit Shark Finning

Posted by Mike Crispino,
1 June 2012

This year we asked the tuna industry to take a step toward ending the practice of shark finning, the act of removing a shark’s fin while discarding the carcass at sea. It violates the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation’s (FAO) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries as well as several other resolutions adopted by the FAO, other international marine organizations and national governments. It violates our principles too.

Right now, all ISSF Participating Companies have adopted a policy pledging not to do business with vessels that fin. They’re asking vessel owners to adopt the same policy by September of this year. You can read more about the ISSF Conservation Measure here.

It’s important that these policies are public, so we’ve created a directory linking you to each company’s policy statement against shark finning.

Albacora   (en español)
Bolton Alimentari
Bumble Bee Foods
Chicken of the Sea
Clover Leaf
Jealsa Rianxeira S. A.
Nirsa   (en español)
RS Cannery
Salica Industria Alimentaria   (en español)
South Seas Tuna Corporation
Thai Union

ISSF also continues to advocate that RFMOs adopt improved shark conservation measures. Shark conservation is also a focus of our #BycatchProject.

If you would like us to post a link to your company’s policy or if you have information about a tuna vessel found to have finned sharks, please contact us.

Source: International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF).



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