Tiger Shark caught from shore in Barbados

Video uploaded by batmomcom on 08. May 2012 :

Visiting the North Point in Babrbados took a very interesting turn when local fishermen found themselves with a shark on the end of their fishing line. For more than an hour they battled to land the shark….here are the last 8 minutes.



  1. Angel

    Who is the wildest preditor on Earth ?
    Killing for fun ?
    And others enjoy your kill ?
    Keeping trophies for the kill ?

  2. harry

    notice the English Johny telling the fisher men what to do .is he a slave master or just another big mouth limey.of course he would know what to da as the 3 strong black men man handle the shark.typical English assholes..

  3. Yasmin Bayliss

    Can I just point out Harry that is not an English accent. That is a South African accent 

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