Spearfisherman encounters tiger shark

Video uploaded by jamesmccallan on 09. June 2012 :

Got some great video of a tiger shark when he took interest in a Awa that I shot a few minutes before. I came to the surface after shooting a papio to see this tiger coming right at me.



  1. Angel

    This is fantastic footage.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Calm and cool diver avoided an incident with experience.

  2. James McCallan

    Thank you it was a real privilege to have been able to shoot the video

  3. Angel

    no thanks are needed. you were exceptional.. A very good free diver and a spearfisherman. You acted as it should be written in books during an encounter. You were lucky to see it on time or not got bitten before you saw the shark. The rest is the possible best a diver can do. You tried to keep him at sight, got rid of the bleeding fish. When you are cool, I think the shark senses it as well.
    You did great.

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