Small Bull Shark killed by Rangers in South African River

Published by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife on 16 May 2012 :

Field Rangers repairing a fence crossing at the white iMfolozi (Siyembeni area, Makhamisa Section) river saw an unidentified large fish swimming between their legs. They struck it with a “celemba”, and killed it. Upon inspection it was realised they had killed a +/- 1 meter Zambezi shark. The Ezemvelo Marine biologist was contacted and the find reported, and the shark positively identified as a Zambezi Shark, otherwise known as a Bull Shark. They are known to travel very far inland in the Zambezi river, but, according to our knowledge, never been recorded this far in a reasonably more shallow system, like the Umfolozi River.

Source and Photo Credit: Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife


  1. Angel

    That is about 100 km inland through the river, Not too much comparing to greater distances they cover in other rivers. It looks like a small river but the mainstream larger river is not far away. He is a juvanile, they can go anywhere. That is not surprising. There are gates at crossings, passing through 2 or 3 gates to get there, is surprising. One smart shark it was…

  2. Patricia

    I wonder why people, and especially rangers who are paid conservationists, react to seeing an unidentified animals by killing it!?! What about observation? This attitude cannot be condone!

  3. Paul jordan

    What utter twats

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