Shark spotters for Kogelbaai

By Chanel September,
24. April 2012

The City of Cape Town and the Helderberg surfing community on Tuesday agreed to introduce a shark spotting programme at Kogelbaai near Gordon’s Bay.

The decision was taken at a special meeting following last week’s fatal shark attack.

David Lilienfeld died after being bitten by a Great White Shark.

The city’s Greg Oelofse said, “We all agree we should start a full-time shark spotting programme at Kogel Bay. We still have to train spotters so that they can identify sharks, but the programme will be implemented soon.”

The 20-year-old was bodyboarding with his brother at the time of the incident.

His brother tried to save him, but Lilienfeld died from the injuries.

The incident led to the cancellation of a controversial documentary Shark Men, which was being shot in the area.

The documentary tagged sharks in False Bay and the Southern Cape.

Meanwhile, Kogelbaai remains closed.


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  1. Guys are still surfing at Kogel Bay. I saw them as i go fishing there every weekend.

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