Shark Risk Management in Reunion Island

Review on the Progress of Reunion’s Shark Risk Management – Press Dossier 2. July 2012

Publication in French language:

Préfet de La Réunion

Point d’étape sur la gestion du risque requin
Dossier de presse – 2 juillet 2012





  1. Angel

    My French is not so good but it was a good try. As far as I understood, they are tracking the movements of Tiger and Bull sharks via small transmitters using multiple stations. They will find out which parts of islands are frequently visited by these animals. Around 20 sharks have transmitters. Up to 3,4 m Tigers and 3 m Bull sharks are tracked. Some parts of the island are off limits. And some new emergency precedure and commercial regulations are in place to prevent further damage. Which in general sounds good. Some details I could not understand. I hope nothing bad is in those sections. These islands are shark infested waters. The ocean comes from very deep to a steep slope to the sandy beaches or rocks. So it is a very difficult terratory to protect. And sharks are there forever. Very strong currents and the the steep slopes that bring bait fish to shore in seconds naturally followed by sharks. I hope they get through this summer season without any incidents.

    • Kathy C.

      Thank you, Angel for the mild translation. I wish they’d translate these informative papers into English so the rest of us can understand and read them. Thanks again. And after reading about another shark attack in Australia where the man was bitten in half and his body not yet recovered, it just confirms my belief that we do not belong in their territory. I stick to pools! I respect all living creatures and their right to live in their natural surroundings. We do not belong there unless we accept the fact that anything can happen, at any time. I’m sure there is no worse way to go than being eaten or attacked by a shark.

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