Shark nets planned in Vietnam

Vietnam to use nets to prevent sharks from entering beach

Tuoi Tre, dtinews,
11. April 2012

Authorities of the central province of Binh Dinh plan to deploy nets to stop sharks from approaching swimming beaches after at least 6 tourists were attacked there.

The nets will be deployed soon to prevent any sharks from approaching busy beaches, according to authorities of Quy Nhon — a town in the province.

Other steps being taken to hinder the shark’s mobility include the clearance of bushes installed by locals to catch shrimp, and moving fishing cage far from beaches to prevent sharks from approaching with the intention of hunting and attacking tourists.

The solutions were proposed by the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography as part of a research project on shark attacks at Quy Nhon beaches.

The first case of a shark attack on a tourist was recorded in 2009. From that time till May 2010, three sharks have attacked and injured six people in Quy Nhon. Binh Dinh authorities and fishermen have managed to catch six sharks so far, one of which weighed half a tonnes.



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