Shark myths exposed

Video uploaded by 7NEWS on 26. November 2012 :

There’s new advice which exposes many of the myths surrounding shark attacks, finding there’s no increased risk of attack at dawn and dusk, or on overcast days.

More Info: WA Shark hazard guidelines now in place


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  1. Angel

    Sometimes I get the feeling that some reaserchers want to be popular in the fastest way there is.
    Not only sharks but all marine life is most active at dusk and dawn. How many people use the ocean at dusk and daon compared to 11:00-16:00 period. ? Less than 0,1 %. I think even less. So for every 1 person in water at dusk or dawn there is over 1,000 people in the water between 11 am to 4 pm. It meas what ? The probablity of having an encounter with a shark is thousands of times more. It deas not mean that the sharks are not active at dusk or dawn. Shark divers in their natural haibitat, non-fed or provoked, knows it very well that, if you want to see more sharks naturally you dive at dawn or dusk. You hardly can see them at noon time without a kind of provocation. To conculude that sharks are not dangerous at dusk or dawn you should do a far better research that involves thousands of people in the water at dusk and dawnin every location that is known for attacks at the same time. A simple statistical calculation out of a few dives does not work for the ocean.

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