Shark kills surfer off France’s Reunion island

Reporting by Bernard Grollier, Reuters.
SAINT-DENIS EN REUNION, France | Mon Jul 23, 2012

(Reuters) – A shark mauled a surfer to death on Monday in an attack off the coast of France’s Indian Ocean island of Reunion, emergency services said.

The 21-year-old surfer, a resident of Reunion, died after the shark bit through his leg some 100 m (330 feet) from shore at one of the island’s most popular surfing spots.

Fellow surfers hauled the victim to the beach and emergency services unsuccessfully tried to revive him for more than hour, according to witnesses speaking on local radio station Freedom.

Two other fatal shark attacks off the island killed surfers in June and September of 2011, prompting local authorities to step up monitoring.

Monday’s attack occurred an hour after monitoring at the beach in question had ended, officials said.

Shark attacks have been on the rise in the Indian Ocean, especially in Australia. Surfers are frequently the victims.


UPDATE, 24. July 12: Reunion Island: The death of a surfer revives the controversy over sharks


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  1. Angel

    RIP Alexandre…
    The islands did a lot of things in the past year to prevent such tragedies.
    I hope these new measures work better to prevent further incidents.

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