Shark Fin to be Banned at Official Chinese Government Receptions

Video uploaded by NTDTV on 03. July 2012 :

On July 2nd, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China said within three years, shark fins will be banned at official receptions. As soon as this information was published, more than four million responses were posted on the microblog site Sino Weibo. Recently, Mainland netizens revealed that the PRC Government Office Administration of the State Council sent a letter to National People’s Congress representative Ding Liguo, thanking him for suggesting the policy banning shark fin at official dinner parties. But some netizens say that even without shark fin, there are still abalones, bear’s paw and other controversial foods. Some netizens say without enough power to execute it, it is just a blank piece of paper. And there are discussions on Sino Weibo wondering why this policy will take three years to be put into place. British paper The Telegraph reports that Chinese Communist Party officials have a habit of hosting extravagant dinner parties, spending over six hundred billion RMB a year or about 95 billion dollars.


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