Sevengill Shark Research

Video uploaded by 7GillOutfitters on 29. August 2012:

The team from The Northwest Shark Preservation Society and 7 Gill Outfitters are teaming up to do some data collecting and tagging of beautiful sevengill sharks in Willapa Bay, WA. This is a nearly 8′ male that is researched and tagged before being gently released.



  1. Working with these sharks is an amazing experience. When looking at the research we have done already and comparing it to the work that is still to be done, we have a long way to go. Thanks for carrying the video and helping us raise awareness about these amazing creatures.

  2. WE have sent a proposal to the state of Washington pleading for a Catch and Release fishery only.  We are hoping to stop the over harvesting of this species until we can further our study and establish a realistic population size.  We do feel it necessary to continue a C&R fishery,  it allows for sportsman to keep watch on the species and will help us track the health of the species and catch rates will help us determine the population status.  When proper gear and tactics are used the fish survive the experience unharmed.  WE have proven this by catching and releasing hundreds of these beautiful sharks this year alone.

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