Record of a pregnant Bentfin Devil Ray and occurrence of Giant Manta Ray in Equatorial Atlantic

Published online in June 2012

Record of a pregnant Mobula thurstoni and occurrence of Manta birostris (Myliobatiformes: Mobulidae) in the vicinity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago (Equatorial Atlantic)

Mendonça, S. A., Macena, B. C. L., Creio, E., Viana, D. L. & Hazin, F. H.


In this study, the occurrence of a pregnant Mobula thurstoni and six specimens of Manta birostris from the Archipelago of St. Peter and St. Paul were recorded for the first time. The description of morphology and morphometrics of the embryo of M. thurstoni was also reported.

Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences, 7(1): 21-26



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