Record-Breaking Seizure of almost 8 tons of Shark Fins in Brazil

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
06. May 2012

Brazilian authorities have made one of their biggest seizures of illegal shark fins.

On Friday May 4th, the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) seized about 7,7 tons of dried shark fins in Belém. The capital and largest city of the state of Pará is located in the country’s northern region.

The shark fins, which were intended to be exported to China, were found during an inspection by IBAMA officers at a fish processing company in the Tapana Industrial District. The exporter failed to provide documents proving the sale or whereabouts of the shark carcasses. So it can be assumed that the fins are a product of illegal shark finning.

According to the agency, the company faces a fine of R$ 2,7 million. IBAMA says that the same fish processing company (which usually trades with dried swim bladders) has repeatedly been fined several times before for various violations. Over R$ 1 million in fines have been accumulated since 2007.

Source and Photo Credit: IBAMA and


  1. Jacques

    The poachers should be treated the same way they treat sharks. Cut their feet band hands then throw them overboard.

    • Tidus

      I totally agree. I have been saying this all along.

    • Gizmo

      What about the people who actually buy from them?? And also those who happily eat this garbage?? They seem to get left out in the discussions of punishment yet are just as guilty as those who actually do the cutting.
      They need to be held accountable also.

  2. At almost US$1.4 million, you’d think a company like this couldn’t afford a fine of this magnitude but the shark fin industry is paying up to US$90 a kilo these days. So 7.7 tonne at this price = $693 million. You do the math. It isn’t enough. Shut them down.

  3. I think exactly like the friend that wrote before me. It´s a shame and a enormous sign of greed and disrespect towards those poor victims!!! Unforgivable!!! I They deserve to be eatened by sharks! I suspect that President Obama, a great democrat and an excelent man, doesnt know about these ultragious atacks against nature!!! Shame on those cowards” Somehow, somewhere, some place, eventually ,they will pay deerly for their crime!!!,

  4. Leanne

    they should all be in jail! A fine is not going to stop them of exterminating the sharks! very sad… I wish we could vanish China from the map and most of the environmental problems would be solved… And I wish that all those involved around the world would pay for their crimes against the environment!

  5. Gizmo

    China needs to be held accountable for creating the demand for this RIDICULOUS and BARBARIC ‘Tradition’!
    Not only should the suppliers be shut down,but the BUYERS should be found and severely punished!
    Until the people who buy this sort of thing face serious consequences,unfortunately poor countries will continue to supply at the earths peril
    Humankind (or Human-unkind) is the biggest failure in this planets entire history.

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