Oceanic Whitetip Shark Expedition 2012

Video uploaded by seawilliamsvideo on 18. June 2012 :

The Oceanic Whitetip is critically endangered in the Atlantic, yet few scientific studies have been undertaken on this species. In 2011 a team of scientists from the Cape Eleuthera Institute, Microwave Telemetry, Inc, Stony Brook University and the University of North Florida initiated a tagging study on this species using X-Tag pop off satellite tags (PSAT). Continuing the study, the team returned in 2012 tagging an incredible 29 oceanics in only 11 fishing days. The data will be analyzed and papers published, with the information being presented to international fisheries managers with the goal of protecting this critically endangered species in the Atlantic.


  1. Angel

    This is good news. I hope they can use these data to protect the sharks. Oceanic White Tips are most volnurable to long lines and drifting nets. They are endangered all over the globe. One of the most fascinating sharks.

  2. The Cape Eleuthera Institute has collected some interesting data from this ongoing study and the first data can be found on their website.

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