Nick Romano,17, was bitten on his calf

Teen surfers bitten by shark in New Smyrna Beach

Swimmers were cleared out of the water in New Smyrna Beach on Wednesday after two people were bitten by a shark, beach patrol officers said.

Nick Romano,17, was bitten on his calf, and Sidney Levy,15, was bitten on her ankle, officials said.

Romano told WFTV about the incident. “I sat on my board and felt this tug, and I kind of jerked over and the shark bit on my leg.”

“I have all these mini teeth marks and up here I have three deep ones and one right here really deep,” Romano said

He said his first reaction was to try to bat the shark away. “I caught his tail, and I kind of pushed him off.”

Beach patrol officers said the two were surfing near the jetty when they were bitten.

“A lot of people didn’t want to come out because it’s pretty good out there. They finally got everyone out and it calmed down. They got everyone taken care of. It didn’t look like their injuries were too serious. It’s definitely something to be worry about,” said witness Jared Smith.

Officials said Levy was taken by ambulance to the hospital, but Romano drove himself to the hospital.

Both victims were released from the hospital Wednesday night.



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