Montauk Marine Basin Tournament 2012


Location: Montauk Marine Basin, 426 West Lake Dr. Montauk, New York, USA.

Date: 28.- 30. June 2012

Tournament Results:

Largest Fish Overall
Species: Thresher shark.
Weight: 448 lbs
Boat: Siren
Angler: Andy Darose.
Note: also largest thresher shark.

Largest Mako Shark
Weight: 201 lbs
Boat: Third Wish
Angler: Joseph Gazzola

Largest Blue Shark
Weight: 243 lbs
Boat: Power Play
Angler: Scott Leddy

2nd Largest Blue Shark
Weight: 225 lbs
Boat: Knot Board
Angler: Bob Stomol

3rd Largest Blue Shark
Weight: 213 lbs
Boat: Alyssa Ann
Angler: Charles Mayer

2nd Largest Thresher Shark
Weight: 406 lbs
Boat: Oh Brother
Angler: Sean Conlon

3rd Largest Thresher Shark
Weight: 311 lbs
Boat: Profressonal cryer
Angler: Joe Naddy

Source: Montauk Marine Basin.
Photo Credit: Scrimshaw Co.


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  1. Jack Trevally

    Love me some Montauk! I just wish the good people there would stop with the shark killing.

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