Giant Mako Shark caught off Rhode Island

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
28. June 2012

Date: 24. June 2012

Location: Block Island, Rhode Island, USA.

Species: Shortfin mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus ).

Weight: 996 lbs 8 oz

The specimen was caught by the crew of the boat ‘Bottom Line’ in the J & B Sharkfest Tournament.

It’s a potential new Rhode Island State Record for this species.

The current record is held by a 718 lbs mako shark ( 10 ft 6 inches in length ) that was caught in June 1993.

Photo Credit: · Block Island Boat Basins.



  1. Angel

    This is a magnificant animal…
    The fisherman who caught this must get a medal.
    He deserved it.
    Now he has pistures and videaos that he can pass on to his followers.
    One day the grand children will ask ?
    Was garandpa a killer ? The parents will say “No he was just a fisherman” who liked to catch but does not like to release.

  2. Jack Trevally

    Beautiful fish. Too bad it had to be removed from the water. Next time a fish like that is caught, it should be allowed to swim another day. Catch and release!

  3. Richard Kress

    A magnificant catch!

  4. Jack

    You should’ve thrown it back!!!!!!! CATCH AND RELEASE

  5. Shark wrangler

    We would have released it but it was a tournament and we had no clue it was almost 1000 pounds until hit hit the scale! 

  6. Chong

    Where did you sell the meat? Is their any restaurants on block island that offer the mako? It’s a delicacy!

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