Mark The Shark on Norwegian TV

Video uploaded by davteksenterprises on 20. April 2012.

This episode of „Onkel Amerika“ was broadcasted on Norwegian TV on April 17th. I assume the episode was filmed before hammerhead sharks became protected in Florida last January (see here).

The shark in the video appears to be a scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) to me. But “Mark The Shark” calls it a „golden hammerhead“, if I understand him correctly.

About fisheries and the current protection status of scalloped / great / smooth hammerheads in Florida:

The protection concerns only „State Waters“ and Florida fishermen are still allowed to harvest (take) hammerhead sharks from federal waters. State waters extend out only 3 nautical miles ( = 3,45 miles or 5,6 km ) off the Atlantic coastline. The fishermen are allowed to land their federally harvested hammerhead sharks in Florida, as long as they do not stop anywhere in state waters upon the return from federal waters. They must return to land directly and expeditiously.

– Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine –



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