Mako Mania Shark Tournament in Ocean City

16th annual Mako Mania Shark Tournament

Date: 01.-03. June 2012

Location: Bahia Marina, Ocean City, Maryland, USA.


Final Result of the Tournament:

Mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus ) Division:

1st Place:
Weight: 280.9 lbs
Boat: “Keep Er Wet”

2nd Place:
Weight: 213.0 lbs
Boat: “Jade II”

3rd Place:
Weight: 194.4 lbs
Boat: “Runnin’ Late”

Thresher shark ( Alopias vulpinus ) Division:

(only one specimen caught, see photo below) :
Weight: 576.5 lbs
Boat: “Runnin Late”

Bluefish Division:

13.3 lbs ( boat “Keep Er Wet” )
11.5 lbs ( boat “Teaser )

List of all sharks brought to the weigh-in station :

1st Day – June 01
Thresher shark – 576.5 lbs
Mako shark –  106 lbs
Mako shark –  165.5 lbs
Mako shark –  115.2 lbs
Mako shark –  168.5 lbs
Mako shark –  120.1 lbs
Mako shark –  149.5 lbs
Mako shark –  162.3 lbs
Mako shark –  172.5 lbs
Mako shark –  187.3 lbs
Mako shark –  165.5 lbs
Mako shark –  133.7 lbs

2nd Day – June 02 ( less fish caught due to rough weather condition )
Mako shark –  165.5 lbs
Mako shark –  213.0 lbs (2nd Place)
Mako shark –  127.8 lbs

3rd Day – June 03
Mako shark –  194.4 lbs (3rd Place)
Mako shark –  140.8 lbs
Mako shark –  153.5 lbs
Mako shark –  174.1 lbs
Mako shark –  280.9 lbs (1st Place)
Mako shark –  180.6 lbs
Mako shark –  125.6 lbs
Mako shark –  125.8 lbs
Mako shark –  122.0 lbs

Update, 13 June 2012 :  VIDEO

Photo Credit :  ‘ Runnin Late ‘.
Source: Larry Jock, Coastal Fisherman.


  1. Rolf Wiberg

    Id rather see that animal alive during a dive, there is no value in it dead… Im sad to see this, only 15 years ago larger sharks could be seen but it is getting harder now and maturity in these animlas comes very late. Im all for game fishing but on a catch and release term.

  2. steven serio

    took an hour to get in backed down on her for 50 minutes

    • Kristin Marin

      Isn’t a dead shark hanging by its tail a beautiful sight to behold? I think a shark fisherman hanging by his parts would be a beautiful site to behold. Apparently the wastefulness of this hunt and the necessity of sharks alive in the ocean is wasted on these people. That’s unfortunate for a community that thrives on ocean tourism dollars.

      • Jack Trevally

        Right! As it is right now, these sharks are worth a few bucks once. But, if someone with a boat and an entrepreneurial spirit would start a mako shark dive charter, these sharks would be worth a whole lot more money and they would continue producing over time. This could be used as a tourism draw in and of itself. I know it works, because I have done shark dives myself and plan to continue until I am too old to dive!

  3. steve serio

    its not wasteful its good food taste great if you eat lettuce youre killing something

    • Jack Trevally

      The difference here is that mako sharks and other shark species take years, even decades to reproduce, and then produce only a few pups. Lettuce can be grown anywhere if the conditions are right. Therefore, eating lettuce is far more sustainable than eating sharks in any possible way. Sharks are a crucially important part of the marine ecosystem and are vulnerable to extinction. Lettuce is not in the same category at all. I have no problem with fishing if it is done respectfully and with a conscience. This requires a little bit of thought on the part of the fisherman, though. Apparently, this is something you need to work on a little bit.

    • Angel

      Good for you.
      Good for heavy metals as well.. Keep eating sharks meat please. Don’t waste a single part of it…

  4. Jack Trevally

    The shark in the photo must be the 575.5# thresher. You know why only one was caught? Because there aren’t enough left out there to be fishing them. Look at the catch weights of the makos. Most of them are less than 200#, which implies that they are juvenile. I’d be willing to bet a dime, that the majority of sharks caught aren’t even reproductive age yet. This tournament needs to follow catch and release protocol, to help insure that there will be enough fish for next years tournament. And the year after that, etc.

  5. WOW…never knew there were so many vegans in OC????? Its a wonder all the seafood resturants can stay in business in town. And as for the comment about “only Thresher caught because”…. It was weighted in on the first day and the Tournament only pays 1 place for thresher so no one targeted them for the rest of the tournament. 575 is pretty hard to beat, but I catch plenty in the 250-450lb range every season….Gotta love the ignorance of some tree huggers

  6. Angel

    I am very happy to hear all the people who likes to kill, thinks that, all others who want to protect the ocean life, are vegans or tree huggers. A very solid mind set.
    Keep up the good work…

  7. So are you a vegan???? if not, then you as well have eaten something that has been “killed” as well… I protect the wildlife on land and sea…I pick up trash left by others…I pay in to fish stocking programs, ect…. So thanks, and I will keep up the good work. May be you should too Angel

  8. Angel

    Just as you pointed out…
    Keep up the good work..

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