Greens seek Federal examination of WA proposal to destroy sharks

Media Release

Australian Greens

5th October 2012

Australian Greens spokesperson on marine and fisheries issues, Senator Rachel Siewert, has asked the Federal Government to look at the WA Government proposal to destroy sharks off WA’s coast.

“I have written to the Federal Environment Minister, Mr Burke about this issue, given the considerable actions being proposed by the WA Government,” Senator Siewert said today.

“The idea of pre-emptively destroying members of a vulnerable species is a poor approach from an ecological point of view and it is far from clear that this will do anything to prevent attacks. In fact it might give people a false sense of security.

“The Great White Shark Recovery plan has been developed in accordance with the Guidelines for the Compilation of Recovery Plans under the EPBC Act. It is questionable as to whether killing sharks under the proposed plan would meet the requirement of being ‘reasonably necessary’ to qualify for an exemption under the EPBC Act.

“It is not even clear if the WA Government have discussed this with the Federal Government or Department. I have asked the Minister to examine this issue in terms of its potential inconsistency with the intent of both the Act and the Recovery Plan.

“I hope the Minister would encourage the WA Government to find a better solution that destroying animals in their natural habitat and giving the community a false sense of security.

“Increased investment in research, reconnaissance and non-lethal means of intervention would seem a far more appropriate response.

“I am glad people are joining conservation groups in speaking out against this plan, it is important the WA Government is clearly told about the flaws in this plan,” Senator Siewert concluded.

Source: The Greens


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