Great White Shark filmed off French Riviera

Video uploaded by NiceMatinVideo on 04. August 2012.

Reported on 03. August 2012 :

This footage of a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) was recently filmed by Stéphane Pellegrin off the French Mediterranean coast. The encounter occurred only 300 metres from shore in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

For more information, please see the related article (in French language) : Ils croisent un requin à 300 mètres du rivage tropézien



  1. Angel

    That is good to see some of the still alive in the Mediterranian Sea.
    Almost all the population is wiped out in the past 30 years. In Adriatic Sea, Around Malta, Egean Sea and even Marmara Sea(40 years ago) they used to have healthy populations. Now they are almost all gone. 2 Years ago I remeber juvanile catches in Egean Sea and Adriatic Sea by fishermen nets. In total of 4 or 5 I can not recall.
    I was hopeful, if there were juvaniles, there needs to be adults. In 2005 we saw one about 40 miles of shore of Chios, Greece following a Albacore Tuna frenzy. It was about 4 meters long. That was the last time I saw one alive in Med Sea. In Italy they used to have a healthy population as well. Actually there they have most of the Med GWS attacks in the last 60 years.
    This is fantastic footage. Thank you.

  2. Angel

    Gus, I am not from Greece.I spend a lot of time in the area, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Monte Negro in spring and summers for the last 30 years. I know for sure that the Greek off shore tuna sport fishing boats have encountered them many times. We talked a lot about it. I doubt if they have any footage. I can ask if you want to. I have pictures only by a cell phone of that times technology.(2005) during the Albacore Frenzy. I have footage of whales etc again by cell phone but video this time from 2006.
    I may be able to get some pictures from the juvanile catches from Edremit, Turkey by the Egean Sea.
    Why do you need them ?

  3. Angel

    Translated by Google,Depending on salient Altınoluk District District of Edremit coast, between the most dangerous type shown in the ‘Great White’ type, the fish caught in a puppy. Head of Fisheries Cooperative Altınoluk Halil Atac, “the great white shark species native to Australia and South Africa. Under such protection. Of our research determined that there is a puppy fish 4-5 days. Snaps, then we can investigate shark pup caught released said that the natural environment.
    Caught by fishermen off the network AltInoluk, two months before the baby shark was installed. The fishermen, captured, 85 centimeters long, weighing 12 kilograms of fish a puppy showed Altınoluk Fisheries Cooperative President Halil shortfall. Then the paper clips, baby shark marine biologist who lives in Istanbul sent out pictures. Biologist known for his investigations in this area before, juvenile shark ‘Great White’ is the genus and species under protection is reported, great white sharks stated that it was the most ferocious kind.
    District Altınoluk off during the summer season than the same type of shark to be caught six puppies, as they may cause danger to fear caused by multiplying the area. Ellis amateur fishing in Edremit Erdogan, “Captured offspring to be smaller, the birth of their biggest fish that lived in this region indicator. They reproduce too much hope in the region, do not lead to compromise, saying,” expressed concern. released back to the sea Head of Fisheries Cooperative Altınoluk Halil Atac, sharks may have come towards the South because of global warming, said: “Great white sharks species native to Australia and South Africa. Under such protection. Ayvalik shark pup caught in the latest round, close to one meter . this issue we wanted to help marine biologist. of our research determined that there is a puppy fish 4-5 days. dangerous at this age, but thought-provoking with a baby, the mother shark could be here, “he said. Paper clips, then we can investigate shark pup caught in a natural environment released said.
    LENGTHS 7 meters tall 100 meters below the cool waters of warm seas and often living alone, the ‘Great White’ sharks vary in length from 5 meters to 7 meters. Büyükbeyazlar, whales, dolphins, other shark species, sea beavers, seals, penguins, the favorite foods of tuna. While approaching the fatal kick to hunt its prey by biting away from the bottom. After waiting for its prey to die from blood loss included. There is no other sharks such as the ability to chew. Swallows its prey whole or tear off piece by piece. Great white shark eats a big game for 1-2 months can handle it.
    And you can see pictures at

  4. Big sigh

    Hope they are no sharks at st tropez we go regularly with our small rib dinghy last thing I want to see with m children , and we snorkel  so deffo don’t want to come face to face dolphins yes, sharks  defenatley not sorry  

    • Vincent

      Don’t worry about sharks, worry about the Architeuthidae if your going to worry about something. 

    • GMC

      Just stay away from any areas where there are seals. Also, probably where you see evidence of any kind of feed on a lot of fish, even by a significant group of seabirds. Staying away from a shark’s natural feeding zone, sharks are so rarely known to attack in the Mediterranean Sea.

      However this is usually stated concerning swimming in beach areas, or staying close to the coast. If you go further out, this may change things. For example, advice against long distance swimming in the Med (extreme swimmers who have tried to swim across to Med from one point to another) usually states that it’s impossible as you will be killed by sharks. It’s thought that those who have tried it were killed by sharks.

      Contrast this with the safety and advice related to being very close to the land in the Mediterranean Sea, and you can see two different stories altogether. So, depending on how far out you go and where exactly, the Med might be as dangerous for shark attacks as many waters. The advice is always to speak to experts and locals who know the areas you’re considering, as to whether it’s pretty safe or to avoid there. Think of the time of year , trends (including mass river emptying and currents) and weather. If it’s a time of a big increased food source, maybe avoid.

      • GMC

        Also, sharks are well known in delta areas, such as the Bouche du Rhone. Known to go quite a distance up into the river delta and rivers themselves. Here and in the sea near the end of the deltas, this is prime shark feeding ground’, where they can easily attack humans. Here, if you are mauled by a shark, I think this isn’t even considered a “shark attack” to be recorded in a nation’s official figures. Because it’s considered non-agressive and probably provoked, if you have entered the sharks’ natural feeding habitat – you have interfered with the shark, rather than the other way around. You are supposed to avoid such areas. Countries also won’t include figures for shark attacks which happen a distance off their coast lines. As these are considered open waters – like deep sea, so not part of the country. So it would be hard to find figures for shark attacks a distance off beaches in the Mediterranean, if there are any.

  5. Paul

    There are more white sharks in the med than people think , they are so far out at sea chasing tuna and dolphins , they have no intrest in the shallows of the med, they have evolved and are very cleaver and know that man is a big threat to there survival, years back when there was a big monk seal population there was then a reason for them to enter the shallows.
     There numbers have gone right down but I’m sure there are healthy numbers in the med still , it’s such a huge sea and the chances of seeing them at the surface is rare indeed , I would love to see a great white shark hunt in the med, there was one in Malta I saw when they were 100ms from shore, ha ha a waist of time, or it would be great if ocearch done some great white shark tagging

    • Paul

      I so believe there is a good gws population in the med and there diet is of tuna and dolphins , I believe there are a lot more sightings and catches which get kept quiet by the locals in them areas, I have a book gws in the med and the size of the sharks pulled out of that sea is amazing, these days I doubt they get to the same size as they seem to be a lot more pelagic and food is harder to find as tuna numbers are nothing like they used to be, fingers crossed that the gws in the med and east atlantic survive for many years to come

    • We are currently in planning for moving the ship to study the Med white shark for 3-5 years.
      Hopefully permits, funding, etc will all work out to allow this to happen….

  6. Ricky

    I m going spearfishing in Nice, France and Palma, Spain this summer. Should I be worried about sharks?

  7. Sailor B

    I think all larger, i.e. potentially man eating sharks should be killed in the Med where tens of millions of beach goers are potential victims. We had decades of large shark absence (perhaps due to tuna absence) and this had no notable impact on the ecological balance in the Med. Keep it this way.

    • Neil

      What a narrow minded person you are! Sharks live in the sea and it’s their home, we enter all waters at our own risk knowing it is their domain, not ours. That’s like saying kill all people that could eventual murder someone else!!
      You clear know nothing about these wonderful animals 

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