Free shark’s fin dishes draw hordes in China

Published by The Straits Times,
4. January 2012

TAIYUAN (Shanxi) – A restaurant in China’s northern Shanxi province drew long queues on Tuesday after its owner offered to give away some 500,000 yuan (S$103,000) worth of shark’s fin.

Mr Shangguan Junle, the chairman of Haomen Jipin Restaurants, wrote on the Twitter-like Sina Weibo last week that he had decided to stop serving shark’s fin from the beginning of this year to ‘protect sharks and the environment’.

But the 34-year-old entrepreneur felt it would be too wasteful to throw away his remaining stock.

He announced last week that he would give away 2,800 servings of shark’s fin dishes at his restaurant outlets starting from 10am on Tuesday.

Source: The Straits Times, Asia

Photo Credit: China News Service




  1. Kelita Shadrach

    Firstly this entrepreneur does not fully understand the point of stopping the serving of shark-fin soup!!! He is defeating his own aims!!! He is clearly only stopping the serving of Shark fins on request not because he actually cares or understands the importance of it!!! Ah * the message he is sending across to people is that it is ok to have double standards when it comes to the well-being of the environment and oceans ! Which couldn’t be further from the truth 🙁

  2. Ben

    Kelita what planet do you reside on? Certainly not this one where a local businessman with tons of dried and long dead shark fin on hand, decides to give it away after declaring he will never buy, nor serve shark fin again.

    It is eco-green whack nuts like you who give the movement a bad name. The guy is on our team, he’s taking a hit for sharks, he’s a convert, and yet you decide to gut him in public like the sharks you care so much about.

    Go home Kelita, stop playing conservationist, and grow up. You can come back and play when you have had a few years and gain some common sense.

    In the meantime well done to Mr Shangguan Junle!

    And thank you sir for taking a $103,000 hit for sharks.

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