First record of spinetail devilray from the south-eastern Pacific Ocean

Published online on 25. May 2012

First record of Mobula japanica (Rajiformes: Myliobatidae) from the south-eastern Pacific Ocean

Carlos Bustamante, Lydie I. E. Couturier and Michael B. Bennett


The spinetail devilray Mobula japanica was recorded for the first time in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean, from a single beach-washed specimen examined at Bahía Inglesa, Chile. The presence of this temperate-tropical species at about 27° south of its previously recorded range in the eastern Pacific Ocean may be explained by the absence of rigorous species-specific landing reports along the coasts of Peru and Chile. Alternatively, a strong warm phase of El Niño Southern Oscillation may have facilitated conditions allowing this epipelagic species to travel towards higher latitudes. This record increases the known range of M. japanica and the occurrence of mobulids in Chilean waters to three species. Photographs and morphometrics of the specimen are provided.

Marine Biodiversity Records, 5 , e48 doi:10.1017/S1755267212000310



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