First record of long nose chimaera from Bay of Bengal

Published online on 04. April 2012

First record of long nose chimaera Neoharriotta pinnata (Chondrichthys: Chimaeriformes: Rhinochimaeridae), from Bay of Bengal, India (north-eastern Indian Ocean)

T.V. Suresh and S.M. Raffi


Our paper describes the first record of Neoharriotta pinnata from the Bay of Bengal region of the Indian Ocean. A single specimen of a male N. pinnata had a total length of 1040 mm, weighing 1750 g. We explain its extended distribution towards the north-eastern Indian Ocean.

Marine Biodiversity Records, 5 , e27 doi:10.1017/S1755267212000115



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  1. Dear authors, is there any German name for this shark.? I am a co-author of the animal enzyclopedia ( and would like decribe this shark.
    Are you so kind,to send my your publication? i am retired and have no possibility, to visit a scientific library.
    Many thanks in advance! Sincerely, Peter Schneider D – 8800 Biberach

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