Docu: Mystery of Great White sharks in Britain

Video uploaded by Rufus Elliott on 05. July 2012:

I have recently decided to follow my heart and have become a factual filmmaker. This is a short promo from my first documentary which I have written, produced, directed and presented. It’s called ‘When Jaws Came To Visit’ and examines the mystery of Great White sharks in Britain and what that could mean.

I want the viewer to find out about this amazing story and at the same time find out how much damage is being done to global shark populations of which of the Great White shark species there is less than 1000 left in the wild.

The sound was recorded externally and is not yet attached so sorry for any fluctuating sound quality.


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  1. Angel

    I am sure there were Great Whites everywhere just in the beginning of last millenium. Everywhere and in fair to good numbers. But there are gone. Commercial fishing wiped them out. There may still be a few left but hard to document if not impossible. This kind of documentery is very hard to put together and even harder to be on national TV broadcast. Witness accounts and paper clips does not attrack the channels. We did try to make a similar one years ago, almost the same way not only for great whites but all kind of sharks. Sponge divers at that time had wonderful stories to share. But they are just stories. It is very interesting for me to hear but it means nothing to ordinary people. High tech computer visualisations is an absolute need to go to public. That is the only way to take their attention. Otherwise, no actual footage, no dramatasation, no pictures is like reading a book.
    It is good work, I am sure hard work as well. Interesting subject. but lack of evidence and interesting futures to back it up. You need a lot of money for computer artwork. Very nice for us and your satisfaction. Thank you..

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