Dead great white shark retrieved from Dyer Island, Gansbaai

Video uploaded by TheGreatWhiteChannel on 26. June 2012 :

Wednesday 18.06.2012 Cage diving operators alerted Wilfred Chivell (Dyer Island Conservation Trust – to a dead great white shark lying on the shore of Dyer Island, Gansbaai, South Africa. Plans were then made to launch several boats for a retrieval mission. After Wednesday’s seas proved too rough, three boats (Calypso, Lwazi and Free Willy) were launched on Thursday morning and the team embarked on an exciting journey to the island. (…) To read where the white shark was taken and what the plans are, follow this link White shark body recovered from Dyer Island by DICT.

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  1. Angel

    I wonder how this shark died. It is not clear in the video. He looks free of fatal injuries.
    Maybe the seals are smarter now ? They start to trap the sharks in the shore ?

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