Contribution to the taxonomy and distribution of sharks from Thailand

Accepted 2nd January 2012

Contribution to the taxonomy and distribution of six shark species (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) from the Gulf of Thailand

Simon Weigmann


A collection of nine shark specimens from six different species, obtained in 1993 from the
Gulf of Thailand, was examined in this study. The sharks were determined, morphometrically
and meristically analyzed, photographically documented and compared with relevant
literature. Additionally, further available material from the fish collections of the Zoological
Museum Hamburg, the Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt and the Muséum national
d’Histoire naturelle, Paris was examined by way of comparison.
Contrary to most references, prominent dorsal ridges were detected in several specimens of
Chiloscyllium griseum. Additionally, one of the specimens had a very unusual big ocellar
blotch on the head which had not been reported for this genus before. For Paragaleus randalli
it could be proven that the teeth morphologically deviate strongly from those shown in
literature due to having much larger cusps. Furthermore, the known distribution area of
Paragaleus randalli could be extended considerably eastwards by about 2000 km. For a
seventh species, Paragaleus tengi, differences between the actual morphology of upper lateral
teeth and those drawn in the original description were detected.

ISRN Zoology

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