Contribution to the taxonomy and distribution of rays from Thailand

Published in December 2011

Contribution to the taxonomy and distribution of eight ray species (Chondrichthyes, Batoidea) from coastal waters of Thailand

Simon Weigmann


A collection of 24 rays from eight different species, obtained in 1993 from the marine shelf around Thailand, was examined in this study. The rays were determined, morphometrically and meristically analyzed, photographically documented and compared with relevant literature and available further collection material.
The tails of Dasyatis akajei were found to be distinctly longer than specified in literature. Compared to the references a larger maximal total length and morphometrical discrepancies for Rhinobatos formosensis as well as higher tooth row counts for Himantura gerrardi and Rhynchobatus australiae were detected. General taxonomical problems are discussed for the Rhynchobatidae.
For Neotrygon kuhlii a much wider depth distribution than previously known was found. Furthermore, the known distribution area could be slightly extended for Himantura walga and strongly – by about 2500 km – for Rhinobatos formosensis.

Verh. Naturwiss. Ver. Hamburg NF 46, 2011 Page 249–312



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