British Record sized Sixgill shark caught off Isle of Wight

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
19. November 2012

Date: reported on 09. November 2012

Location: Isle of Wight, South East England

Species: Bluntnose sixgill shark ( Hexanchus griseus )

Weight: 12,7 kg ( 28 lb )

Angler releases rare catch that could smash a 36 years old British fishing record

Chris Rogers has landed a potential new UK record sixgill shark, while he was fishing on Mick Gills boat ‘Buccaneer’ out of Haslar Gosport, near Portsmouth.

He caught the 12,7 kg female sixgiller in 40 metres of water on size 6/0 hook, using three squids and a mackerel-fillet as bait.

The catch of this shark occurred at the spoils south of Nab Tower, located off the coast of the Isle of Wight in the English Channel. It was returned to the sea alive after being weighed by the skipper.

This specimen weighs about three times more than the current valid British record that was set by F.E. Beeton in the year 1976 ( a 4,31 kg sixgill shark captured at Penlee Point, Plymouth ).

But it is just an infant in comparison to the IGFA world record for the species, which weighed 588,76 kg. This giant bluntnose sixgill shark was caught off Ascension Island in November 2002.

Source and Photo Credit: Total Sea Magazine.

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