Australia 1956: These Sharks Need Protection

Video uploaded by FILMAUSTRALIA on 07. June 2011 :

Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1956. Directed by Jack Rogers. The conservation of edible sharks which are fished off the south coast of Australia has been proved by scientific observation to be necessary. These sharks are harmless to humans and make up about one third of the weight of fish landed in south-east Australian waters. The film is designed to help prevent needless destruction of the fish.

Note by Shark Year Magazine:

Today, the Gummy shark fishery in Southern Australia is classified as sustainable and the School shark stock as overfished. Please see the related post New Report: Status of Key Australian Fish Stocks 2012.


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  1. Angel

    This movie is nice to watch.
    I have seen similar examples of the protection movement started in 50 and 60 almost everywhere. Sometimes by movies, sometimes with books. Some smart people with vision has seen the future and produced these.
    The problem is, the reest of the people which have no vision did not understan it than and still does not understand today.Sportfishing is big in AU. And they love shark fishing… It was their problem 50 years ago, it still si their problem…
    The point is no matter who warns people, it will noot work… There has to be an reinforced law to stop them.

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