Assessing the Efficacy of the Shark Shield

Effects of the Shark Shield electric deterrent on the behaviour of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias).

Huveneers, C. et al

June 2012

Final Report to SafeWork South Australia.

SARDI Publication No. F2012/000123-1
SARDI Research Report Series No. 632. 61pp.




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  1. Angel

    A very interesting report. Thank you for posting it.
    There was always a question about the shark shields. Altough it does not seem to effect the static bait in the experiment, humans are not baits. We move on and under the water, more like the dynamic experiment which shows a great decrease on number of attacks in general. Which is good.
    It means shark shields works for divers. It is better than nothing.
    I think these kind of experiemts and researches should be done in remote locations where GWS are not used human interaction. The uncluded part of the paper lacks the net results because of that. You can not diffirenciate if it is the pattern, behaviour or the individual species act because of the locations chosen for the trials. cage operators, divers even the fishermen can effect thier natural habitat. The number of sharks seems like a plus but at the same time it is a problem of net results being obtained by reaserchers.
    In either case it is a very useful and interesting study. Thank you for doing it. A great new window..

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