Another Great White Shark caught off Taiwan

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
04. November 2012

Date: 02. November 2012

Location: Hualien County, Taiwan.

Species: Great white shark ( Carcharodon carcharias ).

Size: said to be ca. 5 metres in length, 1286 kg in weight.

Fishermen have netted another great white shark off the eastern coast of Taiwan.
This happened last Friday (November 2nd) in the waters of the Fengbin Township in Hualien County, less than
one week after we reported on the landing of a slightly larger white shark in the neighboring Yilan County (see here).

It is said that the latest capture occurred only 300 metres from shore. The local Coast Guard has cautioned people to beware of the ‘frequent inshore white shark activity’.

Like the previous one, the latest catch (which weighed almost 1300 kg) was also sold at a fish market.
According to a local news-site, the shark fetched a price of NT$100,000 (US$3,422) at a market in northern Taiwan.

Below is a news-video about the capture of the two specimens.

Source and Photo: Apple Daily, Focus Taiwan.













  1. ’cause we LOVE the GREAT WHITE!

  2. Solveig Erga

    I am so greatly sick of this!! Everyday – new dolphin kills, whale murders and torturing sharks by cutting their fins! Our ocean is dying – we will be responsible for our own species extinct. 

  3. Michael Naser

    Can anyone tell the reason WHY they did this ? Was this another act of stupidity based on idle fear ?

  4. Russell

    those Bastards, maybe we should cut they fins and see how they like it

  5. Russell

    We here in the Fiji Islands feed these creatures for a tourist attraction dive and its rated number 2 in the world (my last check)as a dive site, no cage too,

  6. Ben

    Such an incredible creature that desperately needs protecting! This image sickens me to my very core – some guy standing there in his track suit triumphantly looks over this apex predator. Such an unnecessary waste!

  7. Apache

    These Asians have no respect for wildlife. They will eat anything that moves!! They are uneducated! They simply don’t care if there are just a few left in the world they will eat what ever to the last one. I can’t stand them!

    • Sumio

      These far east Asians regularly beat Western school kids in math n science. They don’t waste what nature can provide them, only the French can have a certain sophistication in culinary skills as them.

    • AP

      This is not true. First not all Asia are the same, and if few shark got killed is also to protect the coast which is widely used for surfing and other water activities. You do not eat shark in Taiwan, unless this kind of situations happen. Racist comment..

  8. Apache

    I shouldn’t of said Asians in one broad stroke, but I’ll say the majority of these Asian countries are this way! They have no respect and can care less what laws are in place to protect these or any species. If the laws are not from their country they don’t care.

  9. wyatt

    They most likely saved the life if a surfer by catching these beats, so shut up. At least the meat wasn’t wasted!

  10. IDIOT!!!!Great White is finest animal,i hate japaniser and china!!!!

  11. Daniel

    This is absolutely not the same thing. Your reply shows utter ignorance toward protected species. It’s not about using all parts of the animal. It’s completely off the list to be fished anywhere on the world.

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