Traps set near shark attack site

By Ronan O’Connell, The West Australian,
24. October 2011

Six sophisticated shark traps were set in the ocean off Rottnest Island near where a 32-year-old Texan man was fatally attacked on Saturday in a bid to catch the man-eater.

Fisheries Department regional manager Tony Cappelluti said two Fisheries boats had been anchored near where George Wainwright was attacked, about 500m off Little Armstrong Bay, towards North Point Reef.

Three trap lines had been attached to each of the boats.

He said the lines, with big hooks baited with tuna and mackerel, were also attached to anchors and buoys. If a shark took the bait and got caught on the hook, the weight of the anchor and the boat would prevent it from fleeing, and the buoy would stop it from descending.

The shark would be trapped near the surface and an operational manager aboard the boat would give the order for it to be killed. The shark would be shot with a shotgun and its carcass would be towed away and disposed of.

The trap lines were taken out of the water yesterday afternoon because of fears they could attract more sharks to the area.

Fisheries vessels will patrol the area for the next few days.

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Source: The West Australian




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