The Hawaii-based Longline Fishery – 3rd quarter of 2011

The Hawaii-based Longline Logbook Summary Report
July-September 2011

Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
Fisheries Monitoring Branch

This report summarizes data on fish catch and fishing effort by Hawaii-based longline
vessels during the third quarter of 2011 (Q3-2011). Results are based on the date gear was
hauled, as reported by vessel operators to the National Marine Fisheries Service in federal
logbooks of daily fishing activity. The report covers longline operations for fishing trips
completed in the third quarter of 2011 and most, but not all, Q3-2011 data from trips that began
late in the third quarter and continued into the fourth quarter of 2011. Therefore, the Q3-2011
summary statistics reported here are preliminary.

Issued 16 December 2011





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