Suspected Shark Bite Incident in Ecuador

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
27. December 2011, (update 28.December)

According to ‘El Universo’, a surfer was bitten by an ‘unknown marine animal’ in the province of Santa Elena, Ecuador.

The incident occurred at the beach of Punta Barandúa on saturday afternoon (Dec.24).

The victim, identified as Félix Junior Lainez Trejos (aged 23), suffered injuries to his left lower leg.

He said that he had to kick the approximately one metre long animal on its head to prevent further bites.

The surfer was taken to the hospital Rafael Serrano for medical treatment.

Lainez said that the animal in question was a ‘baby shark’, but the doctors were not able to confirm the involvement of a shark.

Local authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Source: El Universo.

Photo Credit: David Cruz. Photo (Injury): Oleaje Norte.


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