Singapore’s first supermarket with ‘no shark fins policy’

Cold Storage becomes 1st supermarket
with ‘no shark fins policy’

Published on 30 Sep 2011, by The Straits Times.

Cold Storage has become Singapore’s first supermarket to stop selling shark fins, or other shark products, in any of its 42 stores across the island, as part of a ‘no shark fins policy’.

It also scored another first by being the first supermarket chain to join the WWF Singapore Sustainable Seafood Group that aims to promote sustainable seafood.

‘We want to play our part towards caring for the environment. Our team is committed to sourcing for quality, sustainable seafood and other products in our efforts to achieve long-term sustainability and marine conservation,’ said Mr Victor Chia, chief executive officer of Cold Storage.

An average of 100,000 tons of seafood is consumed each year in Singapore, making it one of the biggest seafood consumers in the Asia-Pacific region. Most of this is imported from the Coral Triangle, the world’s most diverse marine environment.

Source: The Straits Times.


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