Shark Week 2011 TV Shows This year Discovery Channels Shark Week

This year, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week runs from July 31 to August 5.


GREAT WHITE INVASION. Premiering Sunday, July 31.

Great white sharks, in large numbers, are now suddenly being found swimming among surfers and vacationers just off beaches from South Africa to Australia, and up and down the coast of California. Just why they’re there and just what they’re doing is a mystery that Jeff Kurr and an international team of sharks scientists are trying to figure out.

JAWS COMES HOME. Premiering Sunday, July 31.

Jaws Comes Home tells the story of passionate shark expert and U.S. Fisheries scientist, Greg Skomal, as he documents six remarkable months following five great whites with names like Curly and Ruthless. His mission: to understand more about their recently discovered, 1,200-mile journey up and down the eastern seaboard and to reveal all he can about these much-maligned hunters.

SUMMER OF THE SHARK. Premiering Monday, August 1.

In the summer of 2008 an unprecedented wave of shark attacks sweeps the eastern coast of Australia. Australian shark experts and fishery managers scramble to understand what is happening. Could it be that that the gradual dwindling of the sharks’ natural prey due to overfishing has brought man to the top of the shark’s food chain? Will the summer of 2008 be a prelude of things to come?

KILLER SHARKS. Premiering Tuesday, August 2.

December 1957: the height of tourist season in South Africa. Merry vacationers from around the globe descend on an idyllic resort town along the sunny coast to enjoy the summer. It’s not long until the white sands are clogged with dead bodies and the sapphire waters are red with blood. The culprit? The authorities suspected a single, massive rogue shark with a taste for human flesh.

HOW SHARKS HUNT. Premiering Wednesday, August 3.

Dave and Cody of Dual Survival dive in to investigate why no two species of shark attack in the same manner. Through a series of groundbreaking tests and the use of innovative high-tech camera technologies, they’ll examine the shark’s unique savagery and specialized methods of killing, revealing exactly why they’re so deadly.

SHARK CITY. Premiering Thursday, August 4.

Most of us think of sharks as blank-eyed killing machines, but in Shark City, we’ll get to know a handful of them as individuals. We’ll follow the sharks of the Bahamas through their days and nights to find out how they size each other up, what they like to eat and what it is that they’re afraid of. This show will feature the amazing talents and hilarious insights of our Chief Shark Officer, Andy Samberg.

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