Shark Week 2011 Killer Sharks – Viciously Attacked

Shark Week’s KILLER SHARKS Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 9PM e/p on Discovery. In 1957, Julia Painting suffered a severed arm in an extremely vicious shark attack at Margate Beach.




  1. Lisa

    where is margate beach located??? US in NJ South Shore??

    • Mike

      Its on the east coast of South Africa, about 100 miles south of Durban. The “Black December” episode is full of half-truths and lies. My stepfather was the mayor of Margate at the time and he was the person who started the lifesaver association there. Why didn’t the producers speak to him. He is 100 years old and still alive. It mixes up Durban with Margate and attacks along the whole coast and tries to turn it into one small town. Sadly it is rubbish, but using all of the truth it could have been very good. 

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