Shark price falls dramatically in Sri Lanka

Fish prices plummet due to the increase of fish catch in the North


By Ridma Dissanayake, Daily News,
04. October 2011

Fish prices have substantially reduced due to the increase of the fish catch in the North, the Fisheries Corporation said.

The Ceylon Fisheries Corporation (CFC) chairman Maheel Senarathna said the fish prices are decreasing as large stocks of fish arrive in the market from the North.

Fishermen in Jaffna have supplied six metric tonnes of fish to the Corporation during the past two weeks, he added.

At the end of third week in September the decrease in fish prices ranged from 32 percent for shark to six percent for tuna.

The fish stocks have been sent to CFC outlets in the southern parts of the country and the prices have been reduced at its 99 outlets.

Source: Daily News Sri Lanka


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