Shark Netting Programme in Noosa Waters Queensland AUS

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
27. October 2011

Published by the Noosa Waters Residents Association (Inc.) on 22. October 2011:

Shark netting programme

Over recent years, there have been a number of sightings of sharks in the canals.

We have had many discussions with Council and the State Government over who is
responsible for removing large sharks from the canals. Unlike sharks in the river and
ocean, sharks in our canals are effectively captive. Council finally agreed that they
were responsible and they commenced a netting programme.

In July a 10-12 year old very healthy female bull shark, 2.56 metres long and weighing
about 130 kg, was captured in the nets. From the damage caused to a net, after the
shark’s capture, the shark contractor believes that there are other large sharks in the
canal. The nets do not catch fish or small sharks. We have asked Council to resume
netting in summer when sharks are more active.

Note: Please see the related video July 2011: 2.5 m Bull Shark caught in Noosa Waters canals

Source: Noosa Waters Newsletter, Issue # 63.



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