Shark bites Boy in Texas Shawn Hamilton

19 July 2011, Shark Year Magazine.

On 07 July 2011, 14-year-old Shawn Hamilton was bitten by a shark during a family fishing trip at Mustang Island.     It’s a barrier island on the Gulf Coast of Nueces County, Texas.

The teenager was standing in waist-deep water and fishing with a live croaker for bait when the attack occurred.

Shawn said:“I was reeling in my bait just making sure the line was tight. All of a sudden, I see this shark come         at me. I felt it pound against my leg and I started jumping up and down.”

He believes the shark was a 5 foot bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas).

His parents rushed for help after hearing him yelling „shark“.

The victim suffered injuries to his right foot and shin.

He received medical treatment at Corpus Christi Medical Center.

The wounds required 54 stitches, but Shawn said that he can’t feel the right side of his foot where the shark bit him and it’s unknown if that feeling will return.

On the same day (07 July), another shark attack happened in Texas.

Nicholas Vossler (12) was bitten by a shark in Port O’Conner, Calhoun County (See Here).

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