Shark attacks girl at Kure beach, North Carolina

Shark bites tourist at Kure Beach

Julian March,
19 August 2011.

KURE BEACH | A tourist in her early 20s was injured by a Wednesday shark attack in Kure Beach, said Daniel Russell, a medical captain with Kure Beach Ocean Rescue.

The attack occurred around 5 p.m. in the ocean in the vicinity of the H Avenue beach access.

“The victim and the victim’s boyfriend, who was actually present when the attack took place, said that they actually saw the shark,” Russell said. The couple was standing side by side in knee- to thigh-deep water. The woman felt the shark grab the top of her foot and jerk her. Her boyfriend felt the jerk on her as the shark tugged her away a bit. The shark then let go.

The couple said the shark was about 6 feet long.

“There were lacerations to the top and bottom of the foot and toes – fairly deep,” Russell said.

Lifeguards responded and the victim’s boyfriend had pulled her onto the beach. Lifeguards applied pressure to the wound and turned the woman over to EMS.

Russell said he could not release the woman’s name because of medical privacy laws. He did not have an update on her condition.

“She was a little shaken up,” he said.



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