Shark attacks freediver in Reunion Island

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
12. November 2011

Another shark attack took place in Reunion Island yesterday ( 11. Nov ).

According to the information site Clicanoo, the incident occurred about 1 km from shore in the waters of Anse des Cascades in the commune of Saint-Rose, which is located on the east coast of the Island (map). This year’s previous shark attacks took place on the west coast of Reunion.

The victim Jean-Paul Delaunay (aged 42) was freediving with his brother and two friends when he got bitten by the predator. He suffered injuries to his left foot. Another source is reporting that the four men were spearfishing.

One of the companions, Ghislain Mussard, said: “We were all four under the water. Jean-Paul was about fifteen metres from me. When we got back to the surface, he said that he saw a shark and was attacked. At the edge of the Zodiac boat, we found that he had been bitten on the left foot. He has lost his palm, probably torn or shredded by the shark. There was a big gash and he was bleeding a lot.”

None of the other three men had seen the shark. “Whether it was a small or a big shark, Jean-Paul is the only one who saw it”, Ghislain said in shock.

But one of them is a doctor and he managed to stop the bleeding during the way back to shore.

The victim was transported to GHER hospital (Groupement hospitalier Est Réunion) in Saint-Benoît.

Source: Clicanoo



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